Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Camp is over

Camp is over & Colin is spending the days with Grover. My mom is going out of town.
I'm going out of town tomorrow. I hope they have fun. I'm not sure what G is going to do because my mom (Nana) is back up when I'm out of town. One of my sisters has moved.
Mom is taking a much needed break after caring for my great, great aunt for 7 yrs.
Colin will love it because G lets him have more sugar than I allow.
My aunt K took Colin & my niece to Chuck E Cheese. Thank you Aunt K! Colin had
a blast.
Sweet J & TJ generously gave Colin a tennis racket. He was ecstatic. He never did
get a racket from camp. I'm so glad they were able to help out. Thank you J & TJ!

G is getting a little feeling back in his hands. Now, If we could get his feet to stop hurting,
life would be much better.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Colin's feeling better

Colin had a fun day at the water park Friday. I think he got too much sun. He was congested late Friday night & having trouble breathing. He had asthma issues all weekend. He's much better now but we had a few sleepless nights. I didn't take him to gymnastics & he didn't notice.

He was upset Sunday because he couldn't jump on the trampoline w/ his cousins.
It's so hard to make him sit still but it helps his breathing.

Sunday we had a 100th birthday party for my great aunt. She's 99 & her birthday is Oct. Her kidney's are failing & she hasn't had food or water since July 11. They tried dialysis twice but
her body is not strong enough. The dialysis brought on full blown dementia. The Drs don't know how she has survived this long w/ out an IV, food or water. She can't swallow but the Dr don't want to put in a feeding tube. She's on pain medication because her back hurts.
It's sad, she walked into the hospital in her right mind, now she's sleeps all day & night because of the medication.
I believe in miracles so I'd like her to have the feeding tube. I've been told it's postponing the inevitable. I think it's interesting the medical profession won't go to extremes when you are 99 yrs old. I don't agree but it's just my opinion.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


G is still having some trouble. He has trouble walking & gripping items with his hands.
We thought things would be much better by now but it's not.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sweet boy

I remember years ago my friend Erika told me all about little boys. At the time she didn't have a little boy but had babysat for years. She told me when he was small it would be tough & around age 6 or 7 I would get my sweet little boy back.
Well he's back. I won't lie when he was 2 & 3 yrs old it was rough.
Now he constantly surprises me with his sweetness. He's coming along with his kindness & regard for others.

Our family loves ice cream. Colin & I love ice cream sundaes. Last week he asked if he could have some ice cream; I told him yes. He made himself a sundae & surprised me with one he made for me.

Tonight he made popcorn. He brought a bowl to G & a bowl to me. What a sweet boy. He surprises me every day. He's growing up before my very eyes.

He talks about camp every evening. He's excited because tomorrow Thursday they will go skating. Tuesday evening he said "Thank you, Mom for making me go to camp. I really like it."
He also told me that he now has lots of friends & everyone know him. He said they had a new camper this week. I told him to be extra nice to the new camper because he knew what it felt like to be new & not know anyone.

Today when I picked him up from camp he said he wished I would have stayed at work just a little longer. I told him I have to pick him up by a certain time . I asked if it was because of the movie they were watching & he said yes. He wanted to see all of the movie. :) Colin makes me smile.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


We had a great day w/ family at my aunts house. There was enough food to feed an army & it was all delicious. Thank you Aunt C for hosting & Uncle R for cooking. We had a good time socializing & playing cards.
Colin loves cake & Nanna made the kind he loves. He kept asking for more cake. I let him have more than he should & he still wanted more.
Aunt K saw he wanted more, all we noticed was he was following her around the kitchen like a little puppy. G was at the table & I was standing behind him. Aunt J told us Aunt K would give Colin a taste of cake, she did before it got out of Aunt J mouth. Then she said watch her give him the hole piece of cake. Aunt K tasted the cake & said she didn't like it & handed it to Colin. We couldn't believe it. Colin took the cake, went sat down & ate it like he hadn't had cake in years.

Thank you Aunt K for taking Colin today. He didn't want to go because he would miss me. He's always a little clingy after I take a trip. It's understandable. Aunt K promised ice cream & he was ready to go. I had to call & see if she was on her way because Colin told me it had been 20 min. He was watching the clock. She came & he walked right pass me & G w/out a goodbye.
I'm sure she will he's having a great time & being spoiled rotten. I don't mind we all like to be a little spoiled & made to feel special sometimes.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th

We plan to have a low key 4th with friends & family. It's nice to not be the host & go have a good time. I normally buy matching tshirts for us on the 4th. This year I wanted a red shirt. G's first choice is not red so I bought him the same shirt in white & Colin the same shirt in navy.

I had the perfect sb paper in mind. The LSS was sold out; it was just there the day before. Wouldn't think they would have enough of that paper for everyone to buy? It's not like that paper would go out of style. I guess I'll just make my own.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Colin loves tennis

Colin loves playing tennis. G said he was walking him into camp this morning. He said he was walking really slow. G said they announced anyone that wants to go play tennis please line up.
He said Colin took off running to get in line. He laughed & I laughed. LOL
Mom talks about how slow Colin walks when she drops him off at school. She stands at the car & watch him walk in. She tells him hurry up Colin & she says it seems like he walks even slower.
I never notice it when I take him to school because I usually walk him in & I walk slow.
If it was raining sometimes I would carry him in. Now he weighs too much for me to carry.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I love to scrapbook & I'm proud of it.

Article below is from I think it is interesting.

I have a confession. In my life I hardly ever mention to anyone that I scrapbook. It is like a secret hobby that I have. People who come to my house for the first time are often quite surprised to find my walls adorned with my very own creations and are quick to spot the scrapbooks lined up on the bookshelves. I have seen the horrified expressions on a person’s face when the subject of textured cardstock comes up in conversation, so I guess I would much rather avoid the judgment that comes with the scrapbooking label. The inevitable, “Just what do you need all of that paper for?” comment. You know where all of these comments usually lead, right? The final blow that comes veiled in the seemingly harmless statement of, “Well… I would do something like that, but I am just too busy cleaning, cooking and raising my family.” Ouch.
I love the preconception that there are dust bunnies the size of Mount Rushmore residing under my children’s beds, since I am clearly too busy playing with paper and glue to clean properly. I have been asked, “Do you think your kids will actually want these when they move out?” And, “You know that if there is a fire, you will have lost out on the hours of your life that you spent making these.”
So why do I do it? Why do we, as scrapbookers, put in the time with the paper and glue?

You can read the rest of the article at

My opinion is below.
I scrapbook because I LOVE IT!!! I really don't care what people think or say about me doing it. I have my judgements about hours mindlessly __________ or _______ ...
It's my opinion, my right & who really cares.
We all have the same 24 hours in a day how we spend the time is our choice. If I spend it making my childs lunch, cooking dinner, blogging, watching a craft show on TV or cleaning my house. Who cares???? It's my time.
So lets not judge each other for our hobbies/passions or etc. Life's too short. Enjoy it.

OK to get the the real reason I sb (scrapbook). I want my family & generations to come to know about our life at this time. If they choose to look at the sb they will be available.
Life is not always pretty or wonderful but it is life. I scrap about the good & the bad. Most of the time the bad journaling is hidden.