Saturday, November 10, 2012

Well Played Mom

I asked Colin to take out the trash & recycling.  He had a bowl of dry cereal in his hand.  He looked at me & said mom I was going to sit down & relax a minute like you.
I said when you finish relaxing can you take it out.  He said OK.  Then he stopped & said mom there is some milk in the car.  Would you like me to go get it before it molds or mildres?  I buy rice dream milk in the unrefrigerated carton.  It doesn't need refrigeration until after it is opened.

I said sure you can bring it in, he headed toward the garage.  I said you can bring it in after you take out the trash & recycling.  He stopped looked at me & said Well played mom, well played.  Then he took out the trash & recycling.