Saturday, June 4, 2011

things Colin says

Last night we were talking & he told me not to use reverse psychology. I asked if he knew what it meant. He said yes & explained it to me perfectly. I said I wish you would have done that well on you spelling word definitions this past school year. He said mom ... I think I embarrassed him.
During the school year he would do well on learning how to spell the words but he could not always write out the definitions to the words.

This morning he hands me a Gatorade 2 label to put in his scrapbook. He said it had Black History on it. There are 2 photos of Serena Williams on the label.

I'm debating if I'm going to the Gem Faire. I call it Bead Fair last year I went with my Sister S & it was fun. Of course I have used a single bead I bought last year yet.

This year S is unavailable & I'm not sure I want to go by myself. I don't mind shopping alone, she is more aware of a good deal on beads & gems. She makes jewelry all the time. I'm not as experienced.
I think I will go; even if I just look, it's great exercise. It's a ton of walking.