Thursday, February 3, 2011

3rd Snow day

We are snowed in for the 3rd day. Day 1 was fun, Day 2 kind of cool. Day 3 -Get me out of this house. There is snow up to our windows. If I got out the drive way I don't think I would make it very far on this street. My boss texted me to ask the closest main streets. I texted him back & didn't hear back from him. Honestly they is no way I could get to the closest main streets unless I had a ski outfit & skis. It's too freaking cold to walk beside the fact I would need some of those deep sea fishing boots.
Colin school sent plenty of homework they knew school would be out the rest of the week. He has played on his games, computer games & watched TV. We are all ready to get out of the house. It's too cold to build a snowman.
Colin just asked me what type of games did I play on the computer when I was a little girl.
LOL I was out of college before I owned my first computer & it was thousands of dollars.
G is still sleeping.