Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I love Oprah

I'm so sad that it's just a few shows left. To meet or attend the Oprah show was on my bucket list. :( It does encourage me to get busy on that bucket list. I'm not getting any younger. :)
I still have the dream left that I can one day meet her or be interviewed by her. She always says to dream big. Oh, I have very big dreams & I believe in miracles!

The show could ease up with the counting down numbers. Also do they have to play So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night song from the Sound of Music children. Yesterday they showed the clips of the Mary Tyler Moore show last min., Mash last min, The Cosby Show & ...
They are making me too sad.
I'll have an extra 40 min a day that I now watch the Oprah show. I usually DVR it & fast forward through the commercials. I guess now I can do something productive around my home or scrapbook. We shall see.

I wonder the guest of the final show. One comedian joked Jesus & John Travolta will fly the plane. I think it's cool Mr. President Obama asked to be on one of the last shows. If you want to see it it's Oprah's Farewell Countdown: Video 18. I'm watching them all in a row. Now I'm watching Video 19 Royal Wedding. Uh didn't really watch this show. I was so over the whole Royal Wedding the day the show aired. I think the media just milked that cow too much. Ok bored myself enough. Back to the videos. My husband calls Oprah my Shero. LOL Isn't the word really heroine (female hero). I'm already watching the OWN network & can't wait to see Oprah fly in her next endeavor. Love you Oprah!