Friday, March 23, 2012

A+ for us

We travel 8 hours to a special children's dermatologist for Colin. We visited her this week while he was on Spring Break. He was doing so well we didn't have to see her in Dec. 2011.

G drove most of the way; although he was feeling bad. He napped in the car while we visited the Dr & did a couple of fun activities. I did not get to visit one of my favorite scrapbook stores. It was raining & G didn't feel well. I told him I had some great coupons & he would have to pay the difference on the next visit. He just smiled. :)

The Dr said he is doing really well. She said we get an A+. He has 1 small eczema spot (about the size of a quarter) on the bend of right leg. I told her the eczema, asthma & allergies all flair when he is sick. She said that makes sense because the bodies immune system ... is related.

I know that allergies, eczema & asthma are all related. I have too many years of personal experience. That is the reason I'm willing to travel as far and as often as needed to help him get better. I spare no expense when it comes to helping our allergies get better. We have huge air purifiers in each bedroom & family room. I cook organic almost every item we eat. I make his mac n cheese with rice cheese. I make him ice cream out of coconut milk. So many people look at me like I'm crazy, if I stay up to midnight baking cupcakes so he can have a dessert at the school party. They have no idea what it's like to live with life threatening allergies. I've worn long pants when it was 100 degrees because of horrible eczema on my legs.

I'm really getting off track but it really burns me when people say. I can't put little Sue on a gluten free diet; it's too hard. Seriously!! What I hear is it's too much of an inconvenience for me. I hear I don't care that my child's health would improve; I can't be bothered. Get over yourself people. Sometimes life is challenging & hard.

As a child, I remember my allergy doctor telling my mom to remove the carpet from my bedroom. She refused. I suffered issues from my allergies all of my life. Currently, mom will call me if they are going to cook fish, so I don't come visit.

When Colin's' eczema started the worsen, I (all by myself) took the carpet out of his bedroom, bedroom hallway & put down wood floors. Next, I did the family room. It's a very large room & I got help. G & my parents helped with that room. I did our master bedroom & my craft room alone.

I will remove the carpet in the dining room this year. I haven't decided what to do with the library; it's rarely used. I will remove the carpet in it too, just as soon as I decide what I want to there instead. I'm really leaning toward stained concrete.