Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Colin graduated Thursday May 23, 2013 Memorial Day 2013

We had a great time at his graduation.  Nana, papa, Aunt Karen & Jada also attended.
Memorial Day weekend was uneventful.  Mom went down south to visit family members.
She is working on the family tree & trying to fill in some of the blanks of many great great great greats.
Mom took her small scanner to scan many of the photos those family member possessed.

Colin spend many hours of Monday with dad as he tilled the garden.  Colin went to the basketball game with Aunt Jean, Uncle Nate, Rita, Kenny, & Coweeta.  Hubby really wanted to go but it's just too much walking for him.

We need to find a wheel chair hoist for the car.  He's missing on so much because we don't have an easy way to take his wheel chair.