Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year
I love the beginning of the year.  A fresh start.  The truth is we can make a fresh start anytime or any day.
When 2014 come to a close. I hope I've put myself closer to the top of the priority list. Especially improving my health.  Making more conscious choices of how I treat my body & my whole self.
Embracing everyday with gratitude & purpose.  To enjoy my wonderful family daily. To learn to not hate house work.  To truly understand I'm teaching my son life lessons with my actions.  Have a warm welcoming beautiful.  Not a picture perfect home but a home that is inviting & fun.  I want visitors to our home to comfortable & special.

I want to entertain more often inside our home.  Begin the process of transforming our backyard.  Build in the covered patio.  See the heart & soul of people.  Ignore the outside package. Enjoy my journey.  Learn from every aspect; the health issues should teach me their are others in worse pain with no hope.

What do I want in the decades to come? What do I want in the year to come? What do I want in the month to come?  What do I want in the week to come? What do I want in the day to come? What do I want in the hour to come?  What do I want in the moment to come?

To fulfill my souls desires!  To really live my way & to be OK with everyone not embracing my choices.

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